Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sleepin' on a Jet plane

I had Christmas morning planned perfectly. The boys slept in matching PJ's and we were going to wake them at the last minute and let them sleep as long as possible. Then after we got through security we were going to dress the boys and get on our way. Oh it was a great plan... Jonathan woke up needing to potty and somehow wasn't able to get his PJ's down and ended up having a huge accident. He was very upset and woke up the entire house including is brother at 4am. You can imagine how happy everyone was about that. So we got the boys dressed and headed out. My FIL dropped us off at PDX and in hindsight he really should have come in with us, we needed the help. We had 3 suitcases, 2 carseats, 1 stroller, 4 carry-on bags, 2 adults and 2 kids. We needed more hands. Fortunately, with the exception of one person (who will not be mentioned again) we ran into a lot of really nice people. At PDX after you check in you have to take your bags over to a different line to be x-rayed. Well a boy, maybe 8 0r 9,offered to help as did another gentleman. Then when we got in the line a soldier offered to help Dan move all our luggage while I stayed with the kids. Then a TSA agent came up to Dan with a HUGE cart and took all our stuff.

Remember the weather out in the PNW was terrible back around Christmas. Well it looked like our flight to Seattle was going to be ok. Then just as they were about to close the doors on the 7am to Seattle (ours was for 7:30) the cancelled our flight. Fortunately God was with us. The 7am was pretty empty so almost everyone from the 7:30 got moved to the 7am. From there the rest of our trip was absolutely smooth sailing. The boys did great. Jonathan got a little bored and the toys I thought would be a hit weren't but oh well. We ate breakfast in Seattle and planned on lunch in Anchorage but everything was closed. But I'm a smart mom and I had granola bars and crackers in my carry- on. We snacked and then boarded our flight to Fairbanks. We got into Fairbanks right on time and headed home for dinner.

The boys (including Dan) slept quite a bit on the plane. I slept a little but with Jonathan sweating all over my leg, and not being able to move the leg out of fear of waking Jonathan, I didn't really sleep much.

Jonathan pulling his Lightening McQueen backpack/suitcase (his words not mine) through the Portland Airport. He looks so grown up!

Jason sleeping in Dan's arms from Portland to Seattle. How sweet is that. I coudn't lean back far enough to get Dan in the picture but he's sleeping too.

Jonathan sleeping on the "big airplane" from Seattle to Anchorage. Notice the popped button, I think those pants are getting small.

Jason sleeping again. How can you not love that little face. He just looks so sweet. He totally had the flight attendants wrapped around his finger.


Kristin said...

Oh my, you just made me realize how hard it is going to be to fly to Seattle then to Spokane, back to Seattle and then back to Tulsa for spring break, just me and Abigail. OI am in for it ;)

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Your boys are so adorable! I love the sleeping pictures...what angels!

Glad your flight experience, though hectic, was mostly positive. There seems to always be that one person hell-bent on ruining everyone's day...glad the no longer mentioned person didn't succeed!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

SLEEPING is the ONLY way to fly! LOL I plan to sleep the whole way to the Ukraine... think it will work?! haha