Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years Eve

For as long as I can remember we have been going to the same place for New Years Eve. When we went to register me for kindergarten, way back in 1987, we met the Ferri's. They lived up the road from us and Anna and I were the same age and registered for the same kindergarten class. My mom and Judy hit it off immediately when they realized they had both attended the University of Tennessee and have been close friends ever since. Growing up we went to their house every New Years and Easter. There were 4 of us girls that were all the same age and three of the girls had little brothers that were the same age. (I'm the only child of the bunch) Us girls were great friends and I have wonderful memories of holidays spent with the Ferri's with great friends.

Since we were home for New Years it seemed natural to head up the road. We did fireworks before midnight since it was cold and getting colder, we watched the ball drop at midnight Alaska time, threw streamers at the Ferri's ceiling fan, blew our party horns, sang "Auld Lang Syne" and toasted with cheap champagne. Three of us girls were there and it was great to catch-up with some lifelong friends.

Jonathan watching the fireworks. Last year the noise scared him but this year he was very exctied to watch them.

Can you see his breath? Yeah it was cold, really cold, but he didn't complain at all. What a stud!

He absolutely loved doing the sparklers. He had a little trouble holding on at first because of his mittens but he figured it out.

Life long friends: me, Cheryl, and Anna. Karlan, the 4th girl, was out of town.

Jonathan blowing his party horn. Last year the loud noise scared him and he cried and cried. This year he was so excited to party with everyone. What a difference a year makes.

The aftermath of throwing streamers at the ceiling fan. I think Dan was the only one tall enough to hook any streamers on without standing on the couch. Jonathan stood on his tiptoes and tried toss his to the fan. He tried so hard, bless his little heart!

What was Jason doing while we were all partying it up? Why he was in the other room sleeping soundly on the couch. What an angel!

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Bobbi said...

That is so neat that you and those girls are STILL friends! It reminds me of me and my old neighbors, we are still inseperable when we get back together. I love friends like that! Jonathan looks like he had a blast... and Jason will get his turn hahaha.