Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Step 2 - Fairbanks

On Christmas Day, after we made cookies for Santa, the boys got to open one present. My mom had gotten each boy a Pajamagram. The Pajamagram came in a little cardboard dog hose and contained a stuffed puppy, named PJ, and a pair of pajamas. It was so cute! The company does Pajamagrams for everyone and I am definitely considering giving one as a baby gift to a dear friend.

Opening thier gifts. I love the look on Jonathan's face, such a watchful older brother.

All decked out in their matching PJ's sitting in front of AG's (that's what they call my mom) Christmas Tree.

Since we arrived in Alaska on Christmas Day we didn't actually open all our gifts until the day after Christmas. So we got all dressed up in our Christmas best and headed upstairs to see if Santa had come.

Our family coming up to see if Santa had come. We didn't get a picture of Jonathan's face when he realized Santa had come but believe me he was very excited. Jason didn't really care, he was more interested in playing with the sock that he took off coming up the stairs.

Jonathan opening his stocking. That thing was loaded down. He got a Cars flashlight, a paperweight with a moose on it (his half of the boys room is decorated in moose), some candy, a stirring spoon to use when he helps mom in the kitchen, some baseball cards, and a bunch of other stuff that I don't even remember now.

After some convincing we were able to get Jason to stick his arm in his stocking and pull something out. He got silverware that matched a plate, cup and bowl that was under the tree, a little stuffed bear and a bear paperweight (his half of the room is decorated in bear since he is our Baby Bear), some baseball cards, and t-shirt that says "Mischief is my business and business is good".

Honestly we didn't really take a lot of pictures opening presents. Jonathan was going a mile a minute and Jason wasn't that into it. The boys got totally spoiled as did Dan and I. Our big gift this year was matching University of Idaho watches from my parents. We opened gifts in two shifts so that the boys could take a nap and my mom and I could run to the store to get stuff for dinner.

Jonathan got 4 different sandwich cutters from my parents. I think this was his favorite gift of them all, he was so excited that his sandwich in his lunch could be cut into different shapes. Jason just liked the bow and I like his expression.

Just before nap Jonathan started to go a little crazy and started sticking name labels and stickers all over himself. At that point we knew it was time for a little break but he sure was cute!

Jonathan also got a few more cars from the movie Cars. He was really excited about them.

I know there aren't very many pictures of Jason and non of him opening gifts but he's little and wasn't really that into the day. Just wait until next year!

Our day wasn't done when all the gifts were done. My two best friends from high school, who also act like my older brothers since I'm an only child, came over for dinner that night. Chris was leaving for Las Vegas on the 27 so this was our only opportunity to see him. Since we hadn't seen him or Jack in over a year we pulled together a great dinner for everyone. Then after dinner and putting the kids to bed Dan and I went out with Jack and Chris to watch a movie and catch up a little. It was a wonderful day!

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Bobbi said...

It sounds like you had a blast! I cannot wait til I have a family of my own and kids! Well, I can wait cause I know I do not have money or time to raise a family right now, but I want one SO bad! Haha.