Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Step 1 - Portland

The first part of our Christmas trip was going to my in-laws. I've already told the story of our snowy, scary drive through the Columbia River Gorge, no need to revisit that. On Sunday there was supposed to be a baby shower for one of my friends over in Vancouver, Washington, right across the river from Portland. The weather wasn't too bad (remember I'm from Alaska so my perspective a little different) so Dan and I headed over to another friends house where the shower was being held. Sadly the shower had been canceled because of the weather however, Dan and I spent over an hour with our friends Ben and Katie. We hadn't seen them in forever. They have been in Germany for several years with the Army and just separated from the Army and moved to Vancouver. It was wonderful to catch up with them. The friend that the shower was for lived really close to Ben and Katie so we drove over and visited with them for a few too.

The next day we took my MIL shopping. The roads were crummy but I drove and when we got home I was congratulated on knowing how to drive in the snow. I laughed a little inside. I learned to drive in snow and much prefer it to rain.

We did Christmas with my in laws on Christmas Eve since we were jetting off to Alaska on Christmas day. Jason had about as much fun a an 8 month old is going to but Jonathan went wild. He was all over the place he was so excited.

See I told you he was excited. My SIL got Jonathan gloves that have the fingers out for Christmas. He thought those were pretty cool. He also got 3, yes 3, tents. Last year it was play dough, everyone got him play dough. This year we all got him tents. At least play dough can be put in a cupboard. :)

Isn't he cute? Oh goodness those cheeks, that hat, the little curled toes, the baby blue eyes, heavens it's almost more than one person can stand. I love this kid!

After we opened presents we put the boys to bed and then stayed up until 3 in the morning playing games with Dan's family. Then we got 2 hours of sleep and headed to the Airport.

The next part: Alaska!

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Kristen said...

2 hours of sleep!!!

I love the pictures of the boys, particularly the one of Jonathon-gone-wild. That is hilarious!!