Monday, January 25, 2010

Humanitarian Bowl

It has been a long time since University of Idaho football fans have had much to cheer about. Since 1998, the last time we appeared in and won the Humanitarian Bowl, there have been a lot of forgettable years. There were the Tom Cable years, the Nick Holt years, and the Dennis Erickson year, which left Vandal fans very very bitter.

Then Coach Robb Akey came along. The first couple of years were rough but there were glimmers of hope. And we had a coach who was excited about Idaho Vandal Football and committed to the team. And then the 2009 season began and we were winning games. Excitement for Vandal football was contagious. We got games on ESPNU and even highlights on Sports Center. And we were one of the first teams to be bowl eligible. It was exciting to be a Vandal fan again. Even during the darkest days I still cheered loud and clear for my Vandals!

Since Boise State was going to a BCS bowl game Idaho was invited to the Humanitarian Bowl. Let me tell you, if we had not been in Alaska we would have been in Boise for that game! Instead we watched with baited breath. Our hearts stopped when they went down 42-35 with 35 seconds left. And then we got a touchdown. Then we went for two. AND THE VANDALS WON! It was AMAZING!

This weekend there was a parade to honor the Vandals for their win. After the parade there was a celebration at the Kibbie Dome where fans could get the teams autographs as well as have their picture taken with the trophy. We were stoked! And so we bundled up on a very cold Saturday morning and headed out to the parade that Vandal fans have waited years for!

There was snow on the ground and believe me standing around waiting for the parade to start it was cold! Underneath all our gear we are wearing our Humanitarian Bowl Champions shirts. And I am darn proud to get to wear that shirt!

Part of the team, including Coach Akey, with the trophy. It was totally awesome to see the trophy rolling down Main St. in Moscow!Up at the dome with Joe Vandal! Jason was terrified of him. We tried to get a picture with our family, Joe and the trophy but Jason would have no part of it!

We bought a poster and stood in line to get our autographs. And the very last autograph we got was Coach Akey. We shook his hand, my hand was shaking at the thought of shaking his, and we got a picture of Jonathan with Coach Akey. Jason gave him a high five but would get no closer.
That's my son sitting on Coach Akey's knee! WOW!
Me and my best girl Meghan with the trophy. She came down from Coeur d'Alene for the weekend to go to the parade and hang out with me. I LOVE HER.

And there is our family with the Humanitarian Bowl trophy. Totally awesome!

Kristen, the whole time we were there I was thinking about how excited Mike would be to get his picture with the Rose Bowl Trophy for Ohio State!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010


Ya know because they stick their tongues out for pictures...

Christmas Day

We have never been the family that spends Christmas Day in our pajamas. My mom is not the person who enjoys spending hours in her pajamas. She's more the get up and get dressed type. As a result we have always gotten dressed on Christmas Day before getting into presents. And so our Christmas Day starts with showers, blow dryers, hair gel, make-up, and dress shoes. Then once we are all ready we head up to the living room to begin the days festivities.
Brough Family Christmas Day 2009
At the top of the stairs before the boys saw their stockings and Santa presents.
Then we open our stockings and see what Santa has brought. This year he brought the boys their own Camelbak waterbottles, some cute finger puppets, moose and bear napkins, and a variety of other small fun items. Santa even brought Jonathan his desired army men. He was thrilled!Then we move on to the presents that Santa has left unwrapped under the tree. Jason got his very own learning laptop from Santa, while Jonathan's big gift was TinkerToys. Dan and Jonathan built some pretty cool stuff with the TinkerToys but that's another post for another day.

Then we moved on to opening gifts that were under the tree. Jason wasn't quite sure what to do with all the present opening. He tore at the paper but was more interested in playing with what was already open and sitting in laps.

He did pull some ribbon to help me out.
Jason's favorite toy under the tree were the big pop beads. He had lots of fun playing with them while the rest of us opened presents.

Jonathan got a pretty cool tool kit for Christmas. He has spent his days since Christmas tinkering around the house. He'll be helping Dan make repairs before we know it!
Then we got a little silly. Jonathan decided to wear his new pants as a super cool new hat. He wore the pants to church this past Sunday but as pants not as a hat!
And then we got a little sleepy. Opening presents and spending the morning really excited is tiring.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Tree Photo

Every year that I have been in Fairbanks for Christmas or any part of Christmas (and I've only missed 2 in the last 28 years) we have always taken a picture in front of the Christmas tree. When I was growing up it was usually just me, or me and the dog, with the rare picture of the whole family. Then it was Dan and me and now its our family. So keeping with tradition we attempted to take a Christmas tree picture of our family. Jason could you please sit down for just a second so we can get a family picture? Please?
No? Ok. Dan what are you doing? For that matter what am I doing? At least Jonathan is cute!
Well three of us look decent but Jason is clearly not into this picture idea!
Oh dear! We've lost Jason! And Jonathan, honey, what is up with your hand placement?
Well that's as good as its getting this year folks!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cookies for Santa

Last year Jason was just too little to help put out the cookies for Santa. Not being able to stand makes such activities difficult. But this year he got to help and was very excited to get in on the fun.My mom has a small collection of the Spode Christmas Tree dishes as well as the matching platter and that is what we have put cookies for Santa out on since I was a kid. (Please ignore the sink of dishes, we'd been busy baking and NOT cleaning)
Then the milk is carefully into a mug for Santa. The matching napkin is put out so Santa can wipe the crumbs from his beard.
Then the whole tray is carried carefully, by committee, to the living room where it is placed on the library table in anticipation of Santa's visit.
Of course there must be a picture with the cookies in the matching pajamas. And now we are ready to read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and then settle to sleep while Santa does his job.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


If you ask Jason to smile for the camera frequently this is the response you will get...It's pretty darn cute but it makes getting a decent picture of him a bit difficult. Oh the joys of being almost two.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Cookies

For as long as I can remember every Christmas my mom and I have baked. We always make Buckeye Candy, or as we call them peanut-butter balls, Bourbon Balls, peanut-butter roll, and sugar cookies. Even though Jonathan is allergic to peanut-butter we still make Buckeye's we just don't share. This year we filled some of the roll for peanut-butter rolls with sunbutter for Jonathan. He loved it!

Of course we also made sugar cookies. My mom always let me help in the kitchen, no matter how messy it got, and so we have made sure to always include Jonathan in our baking exploits. This year Jason was old enough to be interested in baking too. Jason was mostly interested in watching how things are done in the kitchen but it won't be long before Jonathan will have to start sharing the baking responsibilities with his brother. It's fun to watch my kids making things that I remember making when I was grown up.

Jason is attempting to help Jonathan sift flour. What ended up happening was flour went over the side of the sifter and all over the counter and Jason exclaimed, "OH NO!" in his very Jason way. It was cute!
Carefully scooping the flour into the mixer. There were several occasions where too much flour went in and when the mixer was turned on POOF. Oh well.

And on to decorating the cookies. Jonathan had some trouble controlling the amount of red sugar sprinkles he put on.

Jason, however, had no trouble controlling the green ones. We thought Jason just had really good skills. Then we gave Jason the red sugar sprinkles...

As it turns out it had more to do with the larger crystal size of the green sugar sprinkles than it did with decorating skill. Who knew red sugar sprinkles were so much smaller?
The boys and their masterpieces. I just love the cheesy smiles.

The aprons they are wearing were made for me by my grandmother when I was a little girl.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We are back in Pullman. We got back very early Sunday morning. We spent Sunday resting and relaxing and not unpacking. We are still not unpacked. I need to upload my camera to my computer and then I will start sharing about our trip to Alaska. I didn't want to go back to school today! Why is vacation always so short?