Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolutions

This year I've decided to work on the housekeeping things that Dan and I really struggle with. Posting this is as much for me as it is with you. I'll let y'all know how its going!

2009 Resolutions
1) Make the bed every morning.
2) Wash dishes every night.
3) Load and run dishwasher right after dinner.
4) Empty dishwasher before bed so its ready to go for the next day.
5) Keep up on laundry.

I think that's a good list and if we can accomplish all of this during 2009 then I think our house will have a lot more peace. Dan was very efficient and took care of number 1 this morning while I was dressing the boys. Now not only is the bed made but because I didn't want to undo his handy work I'm not going to get back in bed now that the family has gone for the day. Although it is tempting!

Two posts in 10 minutes. Not bad since its still before 8am out here in the Pacific Time Zone!

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