Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful Alaska

I absolutely LOVE Alaska. I don't think I can express in words exactly how I feel about Alaska. I know that sounds strange but its true. I grew up there and I know that experience has had a profound effect on who I am today. Alaska is one of those places you either love or hate, there really is no in between. I have said many times that Alaska is a part of me and each time I visit I leave a little bit of myself there. I long to move back and have just about turned Dan to my side. We'll see what happens and what God has to say about that a little later, ya know when I'm closer to being done with school.

I thought I would share a little bit of what is so beautiful about Alaska with all of you who have never been there. I know at least one of my readers has been there because I went to high school with her, Hi Kacey.

You don't see this just anywhere. This picture was taken in a neighborhood in downtown Fairbanks. This moose was happily munching on some trees and was totally oblivious to our presence.

My husband took this picture of the Northern Lights. It was a bitter cold, clear night but the lights were beautiful. The picture really doesn't do the beauty justice.

Heading up to my parents house on the back roads. Absolutely beautiful!

Sunset at about 2:30 pm. Yes it gets dark early there and there is very little sunlight in the winter but that was how I grew up so it really doesn't bother me.

Downtown Fairbanks along the Chena River. Part of the river is thawed because it is down stream from the steam plant. I think it was about -35° that day.

Also downtown Fairbanks, taken the same day as the previous picture. I love the way the snow and ice is covering this tree.

Both of these photos are of Mt. McKinley. They were taken from the plane as we were flying out of Fairbanks.

Cook Inlet flying into Anchorage.

Cook Inlet iced over as we were flying out of Anchorage.

I'm headed back up to Alaska for about 3 weeks in July and August so I'll post some summer pictures of Alaska then. I've never been anyplace that is quite as beautiful as the Last Frontier.


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Alaska is amazing. I'm glad I had the opportunity to live there, even though it was only 3 years worth!

Thanks for sharing all of the awesome pictures! Especially the Northern Lights...never would believe they looked so amazing had I not seen them myself!

Erin J said...

Wow, beautiful pictures! I have visited AK once in the summer, but in any season it is gorgeous.

Kristen said...

From what I understand Alaska is a place you can't truly appreciate until you experience it. I have no plans or desire to live there, but would love to visit and see for myself what others rave about.

Katie said...

AWESOME photos. I love Alaska as well. We were stationed there twice and I fell absolutely in love with it. I did find it rather challenging to make it through the winter once I had a toddler there....

Bobbi said...

WOW! These are amazing.. you may just convince me to move there!

Nicoly said...

Thanks for that, I miss it too though I'm not sure if I'd ever move back - no more family there to go home to. Loved the pics! Can't even tell you how many Moose I've seen in my yard during the growing up years, seems so normal!

Cascia said...

Those photos are beautiful. I've never been to Alaska but I have heard that it is a beautiful land. Thank you for sharing!

Kacey Bode said...

Hi!! Just catching up on everybody...we've been so busy! Awww, I miss Fairbanks. I guess I won't be going back any time soon since my parents moved here. I used to haul the kids up there twice a year, I really do miss it, although not the
-35 degrees. Great pics!