Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crawling, matching and peanuts

Jason is officially a crawler. He's been right on the verge since before Christmas but just didn't quite have it together enough get moving. A couple of weeks ago he started moving backward and is now very skilled at moving forward. Perhaps the most entertaining part of this new skill is the frustration he is causing his older brother. For months we've been telling Jonathan that he can't take toys from Jason because one of these days Jason will be able to take toys from him and he won't like that. Well the time has come and let me tell you Jonathan is more than a little frustrated that Jason can come pester him. What goes around comes around!

His new mobility has also given him the opportunity to get himself in some sticky situations. The other day I was making dinner when Jonathan told me Jason was in trouble. I followed him into the living room and found Jason happily behind the couch. I don't think Jason was as concerned about his predicament as his brother was!

One nice part about the boys being little is that Jonathan thinks its really fun to dress in matching outfits. This morning he asked if they could were matching clothes and I was more than happy to oblige.

How cute are they in their matching Carhartts and plaid shirts! Believe me I'm going to enjoy this while it lasts.

And to the peanuts. Jonathan has a life threatening allergy to peanuts and to be safe we avoid all nuts. I've looked online for medic alert bracelets but they are all a little to fancy and expensive to give a 3-year-old. Then my mom found Medibands. They are rubber bracelets that come with the allergy or health information printed on. They have several pre-printed styles but you can also create your own with you child's medical info on it. Their prices are great and they give a volume discount. We ordered 5 figuring Jonathan might lose 1 or 2. They are located in Australia but thier shipping prices are great and the product only took a week to get here.

Jonathan was super excited when he saw that his new bracelets were here. I asked him what he would say to a friend who asked to wear his bracelet and he said "I'll say no because they tell people how to keep me safe." What a great kid!

With the recent peanut butter salmonella scare I can honestly say I've never been happier to be a peanut-free house! It has saved me a lot of stress.


Erin J said...

Those medic alert bracelets for kids are such a good idea!

Bobbi said...

How cute! Jonathan and Jason are adorable in their little matching outfits! I cannot wait to have a family! Haha.

Holly said...

Aww! They are so cute! LOL at Jason getting in behind the sofa and getting his own back on his older brother for stealing his toys! That must be so much fun to watch :P

Kacey Bode said...

The boys look so cute in their matching Carharts, they look like they could be Alaska boys : ) The crawling, yep that caused some stress here too, Hunter still hasn't completly adjusted to Ella's mobility! The medic alert braclet is awesome, and it is even better that Jonathan gets what it is for!