Friday, February 27, 2009

The Story of a Window

It looks like an ordinary drivers side window and on most days it is but today it has a story to tell. You see yesterday this window looked a little more like this...

Quite a difference. We've had a lot of rain and snow here in the PNW this week. With rain and snow comes a lot of road spray while driving. To top that off yesterday on my way to campus I ended up behind a truck hauling dirt. Of course with the road wind some of the dirt was falling off the truck and being blown around, mostly onto the car right behind. (that was me) All the muck on my window was actually making turning left a little difficult, actually it was making it dangerous. On my way home last night, around 6:30pm, I stopped to clean it off at a gas station but since it was below freezing they didn't have window cleaner out. Defeated I headed home and figured that I would just swing by on my way to campus today. When I got home I had forgotten all about my window and didn't say anything to Dan.

Well as luck would have it my darling 3-year-old decided this morning was the perfect day to throw a fit about everything. Friday is my earliest morning for class and I need to leave the same time Dan and the boys do. This means that I have to be able to get dressed and eat while dressing and feeding the boys. Most mornings I have an hour after the boys leave to get myself ready. As Dan left the house, late for work, I knew that I was going to be even later and I knew that a stop to clean my windows wasn't a possibility.

I didn't noticie it at first but when I looked out my drivers side window while turning out of my neighaborhood I realized that I could see. I called Dan and asked if he had cleaned my window. He said that he was scraping my windows, we had a little frost last night, because he knew I was running even later than he was. While scraping my windows the dirt had started smearing so he grabbed a chunk of snow and rubbed it on the window and then used the ice scraper to clean it off. I was so blessed I almost cried!

Thanks for cleaning my windows. I love you!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great News

Thanks for all the prayers! My student teaching interview went fantastic! The principal is a really nice lady and actually remembered my husband, he student taught at the same school about 5 years ago, and was trilled to have me interested in being at the school. She asked me why I wanted to teach and then said "Welcome Aboard." I'm so excited!

Sorry I didn't post sooner. I have late class on Thursday and just got home.


Hey my prayer warriors I have my student teaching interview at 12:46 Pacific Time. I really want to do my student teaching at this school and need to make a good impression on the principal. If she says yes then I'm good to go. Can y'all pray for me please? Thanks! Love y'all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Laundry Helper

Isn't he just adorable!

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Bad Blogger

I've been a bad blogger. I'm behind on my commenting. I've been reading but not commenting. I haven't been writing, thought I've sat down to do so many times. School has me so busy. Mid-terms are coming up and while I only have one test I have a project and a paper to do as well. I do at least 150 pages of reading every week and spend most of my writing energy writing responses to what I'm reading. I'm a little overwhelmed. Last semester was a lot of work but all my reading had to be done by Sunday night so the week was free to do work. Now I have so much reading I can't keep up and I feel like I'm never going to get my head above water again. And its raining today which definitely isn't helping me at all. My mom will be here on the 8th and she's staying for 2 weeks. I have school one of the weeks she is here and the other week is my Spring Break. I'm excited to have her here!

Ok off to more reading before class.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

At the request of my "professional blog stalker" (don't worry its not a weird as it sounds, I know them personally and they were sitting one computer away from me when they commented) I will post about what Dan and I did on Valentine's Day.

For some reason (deep fried brain, kid consumed brain, rushing out cause we were running late) we failed to get pictures of us all dressed up for dinner. It actually makes me really sad because we NEVER get pictures of us together. Anyway, at the suggestion of a friend we headed out to the Breakfast Club for dinner. I don't know if they are usually open for dinner or if it was just a Valentine's Special. The food was delish, we had steaks with garlic mashed potatoes, and for desert Dan had huckleberry creme brulee and I had a smores cake. It was so yummy.

Being out without the kids is wonderful. It's nice not to have to maintain order, remind someone to use their inside voice, or pick food up off the floor. But since Dan and I rarely (we're talking about twice a year) get out with out the kids, there were a few moments where we just stared at each other wondering what to say. I half jokingly said that restaurants should put out conversation starters for couples.

During dinner we did find out that our PCS boys lost the championship game and ended up getting second in league. Oh well, they played their hearts out and played with a character that honored God and ultimately that's what really matters.

After dinner we took a drive and then we went home and just spent time together. It was really nice!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writers Block

I have no idea what to blog about. I sit down here every day and just stare at the screen. I want to write but I can't figure out what to write about. It's driving me crazy. I feel like school is so consuming that all my creativity has been sucked away. It doesn't help that I haven't really done anything all that interesting recently either. So if any of y'all have something you want me to blog about tell me and I'll do it, really I will. I'm desperate for suggestions!

So my few blog stalkers (I know who you are I see you every day) leave a comment about what you want to read!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Sleeping Boys

Jonathan on Friday night. Apparently he didn't want to sleep in the tent!

Oh goodness a baby sleeping with his little buns in the air. It's almost more than a person can take!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ears and Shoulders

Oh what a week this has been. Three of the four of us have been to the doctor and one of us went twice. Trip 1 - Monday Jason went to the dr about his ears. Trip 2 - Last Friday (Feb 6) was senior night for basketball. Some of the students that Dan and I are close to are seniors so we packed up our two kids plus the one we were babysitting and headed off to the game. Most of the evening was spent with a kid on my left hip. This meant that my right arm was across my body to help support heavy children. Saturday I could barely move my arm and over the course of the week my arm kept hurting worse and worse. So Thursday I went to the dr and found out that all the muscles in my shoulder are inflamed. I now have a referral for massage therapy. I'm a little excited about that prospect! Trip 3 - Shortly after I left the Dr on Thursday Dan called me to say that his ears hurt and everything sounded kinda funny. So off to the dr he went. He came home with an ear infection, sinus infection and retracted ear drum. Trip 4 - Friday, while Dan and I were at MCL, my MIL notice that Jason was really sensitive about his left ear. Saturday morning he wouldn't let anyone touch the left side of his head. I'm so glad that our dr's office is open on Saturday and even better this week our beloved dr was the one in the office. He took a look at Jason's ear and then looked at us and asked if Jason had been spending a lot of time in the swimming pool. Ummm no, why? Turns out Jason has swimmers ear. Apparently if you produce an over abundance of ear wax (which Jason does) you can get swimmers ear from taking a bath. So now we have to be very careful and put drops of olive oil in his ear to keep the wax from building up too much.

I realized today that I haven't been taking very many pictures. I have a load of homework due Tuesday but I'm going to get back on the picture taking, I promise.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Well I'm off to the Mountain Christian League Basketball Tournament to watch the Pullman Christian School Eagles play. Pray they play well! See y'all later. I'll be twittering about the tournament so watch for updates. Love to y'all

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - Sunbutter

Having a child that is allergic to peanuts presents a variety of challenges. One of these challenges is lunch. Our state requires that kids have a certain amount of protein in their lunch every day. This can come in the form of meat, meat substitute, beans, or of course peanut butter. For a while we made Jonathan a mean sandwich every day, but lets face it that gets tedious really fast. Then I heard about Sunbutter. I went to my local natural foods store and there it was sitting on the shelf. When I found it I'm pretty sure I heard angles singing and the jar actually started to glow a little. This product is fantastic. Its made in a nut free facility and they test each batch just to make sure that there is no nut protein in the product. It has as much protein as peanut butter and is just as easy to spread on bread with jelly. I think it tastes strange because I've had peanut butter but for a kid who has never had peanut butter he'll never know the difference. I haven't yet tried baking with it but they say that it can be used just like peanut butter for cookies and other baking.

There are other sunflower butter products on the market but this is the only one that is totally peanut safe. My son loves it and I have the peace of mind knowing that it is safe for him to eat.

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Just a number

It's just a number, or at least it should be just a number. But if it's a number why is so much of my self image tied up in this number. I went jean shopping yesterday and while I did come a way with a fantastic pair of jeans that make me feel totally sexy I also came a way upset. Its just a number, a randomly assigned size that is suck in my pants but still it makes me feel crummy. Its not the number I want and even though my husband finds me totally sexy I just don't see myself as sexy because I know what that number is. Why do I let that number have so much power over me. I can look in the mirror and for the most part I think I look good, especially for having two kids, but then I see that number and I want to cry. I want to be able to get past what the number says and see myself the way my husband does but for some reason I can't. My confidence and self image is totally and completely consumed by the fact that I don't like the number thats suck in the back of my pants. Whats worse is I didn't want to change that number and make it bigger so I didn't buy a totally adorable pair of pants. Why am I so paralyzed by this freaking number.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Jelly Sandwich

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Monday, February 9, 2009


And for my 100th post we will talk about ears... I feel like I should so something for this momentous occasion but I've got nothing...

Well it seems my sweet little Jason has been "blessed" with his daddy's ears. Growing up Dan had chronic ear infections. He has had tubes twice and has some hearing loss from all his ear problems. I took Jason into the Dr today for a follow up about his ears. I'll spare y'all retelling the whole story, if you need a refresher go here. The infection has cleared up but there is still fluid in his ears. To prevent any possible hearing loss we will be going back to the dr every three weeks until the fluid is gone. Dr. Mike is hoping that the fluid will clear up when the weather gets better. He said if the fluid is still there when Jason turns 15 months (9 months from when it showed up in October) then we will discuss tubes. So Jason you have until July to get this problem cleared up!

In other news he has also apparently been "blessed" with my allergy to penicillin. This I do have to share the back story for or nothing will make sense.

While I was pregnant with Jason I managed to get pneumonia. The Dr gave me Augmentin which I promptly had an allergic reaction too while Dan was out of town. Oh the timing on that one! Anyway about a week after starting his Amoxicillen Jason broke out in a big time rash. I was in class so bless his heart Dan had to tackle this problem by himself. He did great taking both kids to the Dr and still feeding everyone dinner by the time I got home. Anyway Jason has been labled as allergic to penicillin, which greatly reduces the drugs that we can use to try and clear all this fluid up. So friends please pray that it clears up and tubes are not necessary.

Oh heavens I love this kid. Seriously I could just eat him up, but y'all know that already!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Five and a half years

Five and a half years ago I walked arm in arm with my dad down that aisle toward my best friend. I can close my eyes and still see you grinning ear to ear as my dad placed my hand in yours. The memories from that day are forever in my minds eye. I remember tripping up the stairs to the platform and not being able to get my candle out to light our unity candle. I remember Adam telling us exactly how long our 1st kiss was (12 seconds) and practically running up the aisle with you at the end of the ceremony.

We've had our ups and downs but I can't imagine anyone better to weather the storms of life with than you. You know how to make me smile just when I need it the most and how to calm me down when I think the world is ending. We have two wonderful boys who bring joy to each and every day. I'm so blessed to have you.

I love you, Dan!


I Caved

Ok all y'all who have twitter I have caved and set up an account. I have no idea how to use it yet but I'll get there. So you can find me at

and if you have any twitter tips I'd love to hear them!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Skill

"Wait, were you actually wanting me to nap?"

Oh goodness he is so cute. Seriously I almost can't stand it! I love this kid. He has such a joyful spirit. Jason has acquired another new skill, pulling up. On Saturday morning we put him down for is normal morning nap. Dan went into check on him and hollered for me to come quick. When I walked into the boys room I found Jason standing at the end of his crib with a very pleased smile. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. Can't he just stay my baby?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quote of the Night

Jonathan "I turned 2 a long long time a go and now I'm 3 and then I'm going to be 4 then 5 then 6 then 7... oh mommy seven is a lot of numbers like really a lot a lot of numbers."

I wonder what he'd say if I told him my age...