Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Praise the Lord

Jason has an ear infection. I know y'all are thinking did I just read that right is she actually praising the Lord for an ear infection. Yeah you absolutely read that right. Perhaps a little background...

At his 6th month check-up in October our doctor noticed a little fluid in Jason's right ear. It wasn't infected so he said not to worry about it right now but come back in 3 weeks to see if it had cleared up. 3 weeks later we went back and the fluid was still there. So the doctor said come back before you leave for Christmas and we'll check again. So we went in right before we left on our vacation and the fluid was still there and still not infected. The doctor said that if it wasn't gone by his 9 month we might need to think about tubes to drain the fluid. He he half jokingly said we could also hope it gets infected so we can give him some antibiotics to treat it. He didn't want to give antibiotics unless it was infected because he didn't want to cause Jason to build up any resistances at this age. Well waiting until after Christmas meant our deductible would roll over and we would have to meet it before our insurance would help with tubes. So I started praying for the ear infection because $10 in meds is way less expensive than surgery. Well God heard my prayers and Jason is on a 10 day course of meds for an ear infection. Hopefully this will kick that fluid and take care of the problem. So other than an ear infection, which he hadn't complained about at all, Jason is a very healthy 9 month old boy.

And now for a picture of that healthy little boy.

What a joyful little boy. He brings so much happiness to our house. We are blessed!

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Bobbi said...

He is so cute! I sure hope that medicine helps and gets rid of all of that fluid! Joey had to have tubes put in his ear because he had TOO many ear infections... so dont be wishing for too many more of those hummers! Haha.