Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fashion Statement

Remember our little Super Model? Well Jason has returned to let us all know what the hot trend is for this spring.Jason is wearing a blue camouflage shirt. This shirt is "vintage" purchased for his big brother back in 2007. With his "vintage shirt" he is wearing pair of striped shorts. These shorts are long enough that they can substitute for pants in a pinch, especially when paired with the always fashionable Sorel Boots. So there you have it, Spring Fashion 2010.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Silly Boy

Jason, honey, that's not how you usually use a Magna Doodle. The pen that's in your mouth is for coloring. What's that, oh you know that. Well then by all means carry on being silly!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Over Spring Break my mom came to visit us. We were lucky enough to have her here for almost 2 full weeks, her spring break and ours. While she was here we took the opportunity to rent a UHaul truck, and move the stuff we had in storage, from my grandparents house, from Boise to Pullman. It wasn't as hard as we had imagined. However having the truck, and a little boy who hit every bathroom in every little town from Boise to Pullman, the return trip took us about 8 hours. By the time we arrived home the boys were really twitchy. What you are about to witness is what happens when my boys have been stuck in the car for 8 hours and a suddenly released to freedom! Enjoy, I know i did!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sick Day

A couple of weeks ago both the boys were home sick from school. Since they were sick and not very energetic we spend our day in our pajamas watching movies and reading books. During one of the movies Jonathan asked me to pause so he could go get something. He went into his room and came back out with is pillow and blanket. Jason saw what his big brother had done and thought it seemed like a great idea and went toddling into their room and also came out with his pillow and blanket. And there they lay, cuddled up, watching a move. I absolutely love their relationship and watching the interact. They are great kids!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Um Hi

Is anyone still out there? My blog has been suffering from some serious neglect recently. I blame it entirely on the fact that my computer and the internet don't always get along. I can use Dan's computer but all the pictures of the kids are on my so rather than try to force my computer to get along with the internet I just give up... I really need to work on this. I miss blogging. So here I am and I'm really going to get back to this! I promise!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Three Wheelin'

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day. We chose to take advantage of the great weather and head out for a family walk. Jonathan has a great tricycle. The seat is adjustable for a growing kiddo. It also has adjustable steering so it can be controlled by either the kid or an adult. It has a handle that allows an adult to push and steer. Jonathan has gotten very skilled at peddling so he doesn't need much pushing. But tonight another member of our family took notice of the tricycle.

Jason was so excited to try out the tricycle. Jonathan graciously shared and gave his brother opportunity to ride. Jason loved riding. The time has come to pass the tricycle down and get Jonathan something new. I think Jonathan may be getting his birthday present early. You won't tell him he's getting a bike, will you?