Thursday, July 2, 2009


Remember ages ago when I posted about Jonathan playing T-ball at sports camp? I said I'd post about his bowling experience and I never did. In fact I didn't post about sports camp again. Fear not the rest of those posts are coming, soon. Don't laugh I promise they are coming!

Jonathan was pretty excited to go bowling. He's watched us do Wii Bowling so he had a basic idea of what he was getting himself into. He's also played bowling dice, which he loves! I had to explain about bowling shoes several times because he just wasn't understanding why he couldn't just wear his own shoes. I have to say that he looked pretty darn cute in those little bowling shoes!
I don't think he could ham it up more if he tried! He's such a cutie. His coaches goal was to have each kid sit and wait patiently while their teammates got a turn. Patiently didn't work well but they had good intentions. Jonathan was all over the place trying to take in all the action. (Jason was almost impossible to keep track of!)
Jonathan was scaring the heck out of his coach with that bowling ball. Since they are 3 year olds they were using a 7lb ball. Well Jonathan is absolutely fearless and is convinced that there is nothing he's not strong enough to accomplish. As soon as it was his turn he would go running to the ball return and pick his ball up all by himself. His coach kept telling me she was afraid he was going to drop it on his foot and get hurt.
They had these metal ramps that the kids put their bowling balls on and then pushed them down. I though it was poor planning that the bowling alley only had 3 of these for 26 lanes. The kids in the sports camp took up 7 lanes to they had to share which meant there wasn't enough time to actually bowl 10 frames. They also had bumpers up so there were no gutter balls. I had to laugh at the sign at the bowling alley front desk. It read "If you are tall enough to see over the counter and read this sign you are too old for bumpers so don't even ask." I'm sure they get college students in who want to be silly and play with bumpers.And here is his bowling ball on its way down the lane.
And his final score after 8 frames. A respectable 70. I don't think he would have broken 100 but you never know!


Lisa said...

Don't you just love those ramps!

(and he does look adorable in the shoes!)

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

So much fun!!!

After "perfecting" bowling on the Wii, we took Aarynn and Lily real bowling when their Uncle Jay was in town.

Aarynn was extremely frustrated that she wasn't amazing at real bowling, since she is a Pro on the Wii! :)

Jonathan looked like he enjoyed himself!

Jenna said...

Too cute! I love that little ramp thing, I bet it helped a lot!