Monday, July 6, 2009

Track and Field

For day 3 of sports camp they learned about track and field. The kids got to try shot put with bean bags, the relay race, and long jump. Unfortunately it was raining that day so they didn't actually get to play on the real track at the local middle school instead they were inside at an elementary school which made for horrible picture lighting.
Here he is just after throwing the "shot put." Notice his follow through, his coach said he has pretty good throwing form. He consistently out threw his peers which make his mom and dad proud.
The relay race was pretty hysterical to watch. The kids didn't really understand why they handed the baton off and stopped running, they wanted to keep following the next runner. The kid who received the baton didn't always remember which way to run and there was always mass confusion about who was on what team and who they were supposed to pass the baton to.
I love this picture! I wasn't trying to capture the motion, and probably couldn't do this again if I was trying, but I think it was a good accident.
The long jump was by far Jonathan's favorite event. And really what boy wouldn't love running and then jumping onto a pile of mats. He was so excited about running and jumping he totally missed the fact that he was supposed to try and land on his feet. I think he managed to land on his feet once and it was mostly by accident.

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April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

So much fun! This sports camp is such a great idea!