Saturday, July 11, 2009


Basketball was on the day Jason had his doctors appointment and ear infection so I wasn't there for the whole time and Dan took all the pictures while I sat and tried to entertain a really grumpy Jason. When I got there they were practicing shooting the ball.
From what I can tell in this picture Jonathan has pretty good form. I have no idea whether he made a shot or not but he sure was enjoying shooting the ball. I think they have a six week mini basketball camp in the fall so I may enroll him in that so he can get some more exposure. My dad would love to have a basketball player in the family. Notice he's wearing his University of Kentucky basketball gear that my dad brought him. My dad is from Kentucky and that side of the family are UK basketball fanatics. My dad was thrilled to see Jonathan in his gear and has pictures to take back to the Kentucky family.Jonathan seemed to do pretty well with the dribbling activities. Of course there was quite a bit of basketball chasing but when he focused on what he was doing instead of what everyone else was doing he had really good control.

Ok Math/Science/Social Studies and PE block friends, mostly April cause I know you're reading, do you remember in Elizabeth's class she told us to always say grab your soccer ball or grab your basketball because the alternative will yield strange responses and laughter from older children? Well one of the coaches kept yelling "Ok kids grab your balls." Now none of the kids knew any better and they all grabbed their basketballs but you could hear all the adults snicker every time to coach said that. It was AMAZING!

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April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

That is just crazy! You'd think adults would be less childish! But whatever! Maybe someone should send that coach an anonymous letter informing him of him unintentional, ah, wording!

These field days have been so much fun for Jonathan! It would be great to enroll him in basketball! I'm excited to get my girls back into their swim lessons come fall. It's nice to have an activity that channels both their interests and their energy! (esp Lily!!!)