Sunday, July 5, 2009

The River

In an effort to embrace summer for all it has to offer and not spend our evenings sitting around the house bored I decided on a whim that we would spend the evening at the Snake River. We live less than an hour away so its not like its a big journey to get there, we just never remember to do things like that. My plan was complicated a little by the fact that Dan ended up working a littler later than I expected that day. I had our stuff, including food, all ready to go it was just a matter of would he get home in time. When he texted to let me know he was back in cell service, yeah the job he's doing right now is that out in the country, I checked the time and decided there was plenty of time to put my plan in motion. We Dan got home he was handed Jason and asked to buckle him in and get in the car. He was confused but intrigued. We hit McDonalds for McChicken sandwiches (we didn't have the stuff for sandwiches at home and I wasn't going to the store) and headed down to the river.
Jason hasn't had much experience with water other than the bathtub. As you can see he loved being in the water, in fact he was a little too fearless for my taste and we are now in search of a baby lifejacket to have before we get to the Oregon Coast!
Jonathan loved jumping up and down in the water. I wish I'd gotten a better picture but I was enjoying the water too much myself to be too bothered with my camera. He had a lifejacket but at this point I was a little more concerned about Jason (Mr. I don't know my own limits) than I was with Jonathan. Dan told Jonathan that if the number 95 was underwater then he was too far in the water. He did great following the rules.After Jason got tired of playing in the water (or so cold his lips were turning blue) he dug in the sand with the shovel and ate some sand for a late evening snack. Oops!
Jonathan liked scooping water up in the shovel and throwing it in the air. It caught Dan and I off guard more than once as water fell from the sky on us.

We stayed almost until sundown and went home tired but we had a fantastic time! It was a great warm up for our trip to the beach, where I will attempt to get some pictures of Dan and I just to proove we do still exist!


Kristen said...

I love how you wrote this with all the extra details (such as the number "95"). For one, it makes the reader feel like we're apart of your trip and two, in years to come when you read this again you will always remember those fun little details that otherwise might be forgotten over time.

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Looks like so much fun! Your boys look like they had the time of their lives!