Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pictures from Last Night

Jonathan was a farmer for Halloween. They had farmer dress up day at preschool last week so we just did that again. I saw a really cool pit crew for McQueen costume but I looked all over Pullman and Moscow and couldn't find it in his size. Oh well.

Out fishing. He did this game twice. The first time he got an art set and the second time he got stickers. We forgot to bring a treat bag so we started collecting treats in his hat.

The duck game. He was supposed to get three chances to get matching ducks but its hard to get a 3 year old to grasp that concept so he just kept pulling out ducks until he found a match.

Jason in Grandpa's pumpkin hat. He was really tired so I could not get him to smile at me. He fell asleep soon after.

The best picture from the jumpy castle. He had a lot of fun jumping and falling. Definitely his favorite game.

Playing the pop balloons with a dart game. This was his first throw, which Dan decided to let him try on his own. Notice that Dan is leaning back and looks scared. I would be too. That throw was so low it ended up stuck under the bleachers. Dan tried to help him on the second throw but it ended up too low too. Finally Dan just held him up close to the balloons and he got one popped.

He had a great time. This morning he asked if we could do it again today. Um no!

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