Friday, November 14, 2008

Brotherly Love

Over the last week or so Jason has taken quite the interest in his big brother. Jason thinks Jonathan is hysterical. Jonathan can do pretty much anything and Jason erupts into laughter. It has been really fun to watch this brotherly relationship blossom. I'm excited to watch them grow up as brothers. I can't wait until Jason is big enough to be up and running and playing with Jonathan. I know there will be disagreements but I hope that for the majority of their lives they will be pals.


wholarmor said...

How fun! Siblings are great! I hope that my kids will be close, too!

I like your new blog, and I have also been considering moving. I've had a blogger account for quite a while, but posted on Livejournal because that was where all my friends were. I do like the ability to personalize and add widgets and stuff on Blogspot.

I haven't been able to use the OpenID thing for Livejournal to comment, so I will comment with my Blogger account, and you can follow my website link to my blog until I get one going here.

God bless!

Nicoly said...

Cute blog Ann, glad you stepped over to MY side! My kids are the same now, Ashtyn thinks ANYTHING Peyton does is hysterical! I too love watching their relationship develop.