Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I am not totally and thoroughly annoyed with doing a reading reflection for every chapter of every text book that I read for my classes. I did not consider just not doing the reflection for my science class that is due by midnight tonight. To that end I did not finally give in and do the reflection but only put minimal effort in to the reading and writing.

I did not have to swallow my selfishness and stay another day at my in laws. (more on that one later)

I am not so far behind on uploading pictures that I have over 200 still on my camera.

I did not put up my Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving because I really wanted time to enjoy it. And I do not still have decorations sitting around waiting to be put up because I had to finally do some homework that I had been putting off for more fun things.

I am not counting the days until Christmas break because I'm ready for a break. And I am not a little sad that this semester is almost over because it means that I only have one semester of classes left with all the wonderful friends that I've made.

I was not relieved that my grandparents in law brought a ham to Thanksgiving dinner because I do not dislike Turkey immensely.

I am not wondering where 2008 went and how it went there so fast!

Nope not me!


Kimber said...

I totally do NOT prefer ham over turkey either. Happy Holidays!

Liz said...

2008 has absolutely flown by hasn't it!! I can't belive how quickly it has gone.

Lori said...

i NEVER procrastinated or complained about schoolwork...ever! and now, well, being a teacher, i still NEVER complain about school work, and of course don't wait last minute to do it!

thanks for stopping by! love the blog!