Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday!

I absolutely did not go 143 texts over my 200 a month for the month of October and that did not cost us $14.30.

I did not sit on the couch talking on the phone to my mom while my darling husband cleaned the guest room for my dad's arrival.

That was not me doing absolutely nothing Monday night while recovering from company.

I am not freaking about about the fact that my student teaching application is due November 19th but the university can't seem to get the online application system to work. And I am not frustrated beyond belief that the application is only available from 7-5 Monday - Friday and can't be accessed on the weekends. It does not make me really really mad that they can't seem to make the application Mac compatible. And that was not me who later realized that the reason it was not compatible is because I didn't have the correct program on my computer. I would never do something like that!

I was not sitting in my stupid health class, while my professor talked about how much better life was in Colorado, writing my not me Monday!

I have not put off studying for the Praxis until the week before the test, that would be totally irresponsible of me!

Nope, not me!

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