Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm ready

I know its a little early but I am ready to decorate for Christmas. I want to see my home filled with that beautiful glow of Christmas lights. I want to enjoy my tree and the atmosphere it provides. I love Christmas and all the decorations. I have two big certification tests on Saturday and then the Idaho/Boise State Football game but after that I think I want to start decorating. We leave for Portland December 20 and then on to Alaska December 25 and won't be home until January. If I want to enjoy my tree I need it up. Otherwise if we wait until after Thanksgiving we will only be able to enjoy it for 2 weeks before we leave. Now I just need to convince Dan that this is a good idea.


Dan said...

Yeah, that might take a little bit of convincing... but we'll see after NEXT Saturday (Go Vandals).

Kristen said...

Go for it!! I would so have our tree up and decorated by now if I could convince Mike. I had to read this post to Mike for the humor that there is someone else out there in the Christmas spirit already too.

I think you have a perfect "excuse" for being able to put it up you have time to enjoy it.

Good luck on your certification tests.