Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Test

This week has been a long a challenging week for me. I didn't really have much due this week. And while I do have something due everyday next week I'm not really overwhelmed by it. What is overwhelming me is the Praxis. It's this Saturday and I don't know if I've studied enough. I keep hearing conflicting reports from my ED major peers. Some say that as long as I've done well in my coursework then the test is cake because I've studied it all before. Others say to study a lot because you need to. I've studied some and I have one more piece that I want to look over today. I think I feel ok but these two tests (yeah two 2 hour tests in one day) are really a pretty big deal. First of all they are $100 each so if I don't pass paying again is a big deal. Second I'm really supposed to pass them by the beginning of the semester before I student teach. That means I have to pass them by January to student teach in September. They will make exceptions but I'd rather not have to write a formal appeal. And I absolutely have to pass these tests or they won't give me a teaching certificate.

And then on top of the Praxis I managed to catch myself a cold. I feel pretty crummy this week. I actually stayed home from classes yesterday and slept. I'm feeling better but I'm just afraid that being sick will mess up my judgement on the test. I'm sure I'll do fine I'm just a little stressed.

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