Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Top Tens

What I'm not crazy about

  1. Driving after dark in the rain.
  2. Walking in the rain. I hate being wet!
  3. Clutter.
  4. Spit up. Especially the orange I ate too many carrots spit up.
  5. Being too hot.
  6. Loading the dishwasher.
  7. Folding laundry.
  8. Cleaning the bathroom.
  9. Changing stinky diapers.
  10. Homework with vague directions.
Modern Conveniences
I wouldn't want to live without
  1. Laptop.
  2. Digital camera.
  3. Email/internet/blogs
  4. Cell phone
  5. Washer & Dryer
  6. Dishwasher
  7. DVR
  8. Car auto start
  9. Google maps
  10. Auto start coffee pot.
Things to see & do before I die
  1. Visit Ireland.
  2. Visit the rest of Europe.
  3. Visit Australia.
  4. Take the boys to Disney.
  5. Go to NYC.
  6. Go to Arlington.
  7. Go on a mission trip.
  8. Get my masters.
  9. Meet my blog friends.
  10. Learn to swim.
Things I would totally SPLURGE on if funds were unlimited
  1. Build our dream house.
  2. Personal Trainer
  3. New cars
  4. Digital SLR
  5. A Wii
  6. A nice long family vacation.
  7. A nice long vacation with just Dan.
  8. Pay off my school and Dan's school.
  9. Someone to cook and clean.
  10. New TV and video equipment.
The BEST feelings
  1. Hanging out at home with Dan and the boys.
  2. Spending good time with great friends.
  3. Hugs from Dan
  4. A hug from Jonathan.
  5. God.
  6. The laughter of my children.
  7. Hot coffee on a cold day.
  8. Financial security.
  9. The Vandals winning a football game.
  10. Christmas!
I tag anyone that reads this and wants to create their top 10 list. If you do post your top ten I would love it if you left me a comment telling me so I can come check out your Personal Top Tens.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

"Driving after dark in the rain"- that's a good one I could have put on my list.

Thanks for doing this. It was fun reading your list.