Friday, October 31, 2008

Harvest Carnival

Jonathan had a lot of fun at the harvest carnival. He got to fish, bowl with a pumpkin, pick ducks, throw darts, footballs, bean bags and balls. But the biggest thrill of all for him was the bouncy castle. He has always wanted to do the bouncy castles but there are always lots of kids in them that are so much bigger than him that he gets intimidated and doesn't want to go in even though he really wants to try it out. Plus those bigger kids are often a little to aggressive with the little ones for my comfort. Well our daycare rented one for the carnival and he got to go in it. He went twice and had a great time. The first time he went it was just him and one of his best little girl friends. The second time there were four kids but they were all so polite and even though he was a lot littler than the others he still got to have a good time. I have pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet. I'll upload them later and post the good ones.

Obviously there wasn't much there for Jason and it was his normal evening nap time so he slept in Grandma's arms while Dan and I ran around following Jonathan. Dan won the coloring contest and got a loaf of nut free banana bread. He actually got second but the first place winner wasn't there and didn't leave contact info so they gave the prize to him. Either way we came home with a loaf of bread.

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