Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If its spring

Then mother nature has lost her freaking mind!


If you live anywhere remotely close to me then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

We've had sun, rain, hail, thunder, lightening, wind, and snow all in the same day. I'm so not kidding.

Remember this post where we went puddle jumping. Well about a week later we went back to the same field, but do you know what we did this time? We went sledding. That's right, sledding.

Sunday morning we woke up to this...
Never mind going to church. By the time we dug out and showered after digging out we would get there just in time to come home again. So when Jason went down for a morning nap Jonathan, Dan and I got bundled up and headed out side to dig out. But we only have one shovel so really Dan dug out and Jonathan and I played. We decided to make a snow man. So Jonathan got his bucket and started bring me snow, ya know in case I didn't already have enough.
He had so much fun filling the bucket and dumping it out again. And of course he didn't help me build "his" snow man at all.Jonathan and "his" snow girl. He decided after seeing the finished product that it was much too small to be a snow man so it must be a snow girl. He wanted me to give it one of Jason's pacifiers and call it a snow baby but I drew the line there. Snow girl was just fine with me.

While my mom was here we got a sled on clearance. We didn't have one and you can never find one when the first snow falls. I didn't really plan on using it this year but since we had snow I figured why not?

Do you have any idea how heavy an almost 4-year-old is to pull for a quarter mile in a sled? Yeah I didn't either until I did it. Wow that was a serious work out.
He had so much fun riding along in his sled while we made our way down to the field. I didn't tell him we were going sledding because I didn't want to deal with the disappointment if hill wasn't big enough. Fortunately the hill was the perfect size for him and he made several runs down the hill, and I pulled his heavy little rear back up the hill several times. I also made one run down the hill. I hadn't been sledding in forever and I had a great time. Next winter we'll find a bigger hill and take Daddy and Jason.
Doesn't he just look like he's having a fantastic time? I was glad when he decided he was cold and wanted to go home. I was exhausted! When we got home Jason was awake and even though I desperately wanted to crash on the couch I decided he should get to have some fun in the snow too. I'm so glad I took him outside. He had a great time crawling around in the snow and exploring.
Look at that happy face! Look at how much he has grown up since this post. I can't believe he's going to be one this month!
Dan pulled Jonathan and Jason around the corner and back in the sled before we all headed inside.

I love the snow but spring can come any time now! Seriously!


Kristen said...

Well if it's going to snow when it's spring, why not make the best of it just like you guys did!!

Jonathan's creative mind..snow girl, snow baby...made me laugh!

Bobbi said...

Wow, Jason has grown so much over the winter! But he is just so stinkin cute I dont think it really matters haha. Looks like they had so much fun!

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Oh my oh my! I am freaking out over this weather! Yesterday was getting nice, too. Than BAM! There is just no comfort level for Palouse weather!

Amanda said...

The weather is getting worse...... but your boys are getting cuter. Looks like so much fun, and Jonathan has some real snow girl making skills :)