Sunday, April 5, 2009

All Emotional

I have been so emotional this week. I don't even know why but the littlest, strangest things will bring me to tears. I feel a little like a train wreck.

So much is going on in life right now and I think stress is playing a part in why I'm so emotional. Before we leave on May 1st for my SIL's college graduation I have a lot to accomplish. My school friends may want to stop reading now or they may be crying too...
*Dance paper 4/6 DONE
*Nonfiction Genre presentation 4/7
*Teach in art class 4/9
*Presentation on writing skill 4/13
*Music notebook due 4/14 DONE
*Teach in music 4/14
*Jason's birthday and 1 year pictures 4/18
*Plan and write lesson plans for an entire week 4/19
*Teach for an entire week 4/20-24
*Jason 1 year check up 4/20
*Literacy final 4/27
*Recorder test in music 4/28
*Certification test 4/29

Just looking at all of that makes me want to cry, and I'm sure I've forgotten something.

And while I'm ready for the school work to end I'm not really ready for school to end. School ending means that a majority of the friends I've made this year will be moving back home. That also makes me really sad. I very much enjoy the people I see everyday and not seeing them everyday will definitely be weird.


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Oh my! Too much to do, so little time! Makes me wish I wasn't such a procrastinator! :)

Bobbi said...

:( We have SO MUCH TO DO! I am going to die! haha. I really cannot wait for all this to be done either, but I am with you; school ending and everyone leaving is going to be sad! Next year our friends will be elementary school students! Haha. We will have to make visits to each other!

wholarmor said...

Hope you are able to successfully accomplish all of that without too much stress! God bless the end of your school year! I pray for peace and great wisdom for you!