Monday, April 20, 2009

The Cake

For Jason's 1st birthday we got a Fisher-Price Little People cake. I wouldn't say it was my dream cake (that would have been something with a bear for our baby bear) but it did the trick. Basically what it came down to is we live in a tiny town with two grocery stores that do cakes and no other options. This was the only option that I felt was appropriate for a 1-year-old boy. Perhaps next year I'll have time to make a bear cake, somehow. Anyway with his Little People cake came a small cake for him to destroy. Basically we had an adult cake that was cut into pieces and a kid cake that Jason went to town on.

The Cake Before

Jason eating his cake, or rather playing with his cake. Note that his party hat is still on. Jonathan's party hat stayed on for .5 seconds at his 1st birthday but Jason kept his on for almost 10 minutes. Quite impressive.
Jason likes to run his fingers/hands through his hair when he eats. I'm not sure what it adds to the process for him but whether its spaghetti, sunbutter and jelly, or apparently cake, it all ends up in his hair by the end. He's in this phase where he showers or bathes every night. Sadly even after a thorough bath he still smelled like cake and frosting. Oh well!
Playing with his cake some more. He really had quite a good time playing with the cake. I just noticed I didn't post any pictures of him actually eating the cake. Believe me he ate the cake. After he was all done and clean he was standing in the living room holding on to the couch and laughing for 10 minutes. Total sugar rush!
Happy Birthday Boy! Notice the bear bib for my baby bear.
Waiting to be cleaned up. Doesn't he just look fat and happy?The Cake After

We didn't have a big party for Jason's 1st birthday. It was just Dan, me, Jonathan, and Meghan, my friend from school. Meghan was supposed to come over for dinner on Thursday but then this happened so she took a rain check for Saturday and helped us eat cake. Meghan was in my math class last spring when Jason was born. I barely knew her then but she saw Jason when he was just a little thing coming to class with me. Now she is one of my dearest friends and I'm glad she came to party with us.

I have his 1 year bear picture ready to go but y'all are going to have to wait until later in the week for that ;) I know I'm terrible, gotta keep ya comin' back for more!


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Adorable. My favorite picture is the food all in his hair! He really is too cute!

The Smith's said...

Can't believe it has been a year. Happy Birthday!!!