Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Baby Bear Growing

When we found out we were having Jonathan we decided that we didn't want a traditional nursery theme, we wanted to be different. Since I'm from Alaska and I consider that an important part of who I am we decided to look at an Alaska animal theme. At the time Build-A-Bear had this adorable moose so we decided that our theme would be moose and we would build the bear after Jonathan was born so they could have the same birthday. We never found crib bedding or anything to go with our theme so for a while all Jonathan had was his moose, Talkeetna, named for a town in Alaska. (There is a story behind that name but it will have to wait for another day) Every month for Jonathan's 1st year we took a picture with Talkeetna to document how much Jonathan was growing.

Fast forward to December 2007 when we found out that Jason was coming. Since the boys would be sharing a room we decided that we should continue the Alaska animal theme. We went back to Build-A-Bear and found a cute bear. Of course this bear had to have an Alaskan name so we named him Kodiak, after another town in Alaska. Both Talkeetna and Kodiak have t-shirts with the logo for the University of Idaho on them. Dan and I are both Idaho alumni and are working hard to brainwash instill in our children a sense of Vandal pride.

So faithfully, every month for the last year, we have taken a picture of Jason with his bear. So here, without any further adieu, are Jason and Kodiak over the last year.

May 2008 - 1 month

June 2008 - 2 months

July 2008 - 3 months

August 2008 - 4 months

September 2008 - 5 months

October 2008 - 6 months

November 2008 - 7 months

December 2008 - 8 months

January 2009 - 9 months
This month we had to switch to taking the picture while Jason was asleep. When he was awake he was more interested in attacking the bear or crawling away!

February 2009 - 10 months

March 2009 - 11 months

April 18, 2009 - 1 year

You've come a long way baby bear!


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Wow, that bear really shrunk!!

I love seeing these pictures, how much your little one has changed! So much fun!

The Smith's said...

Too cute. Love the year picture.

wholarmor said...

Yeah, we also had/have a hard time taking Jayden's picture since he started moving and groovin', lol. I love that last picture with his hands behind his head. He looks so laid back!

It's so amazing to see the changes over the months!

KaTrina said...

Sorry to peak, it was kind of amusing to go through these pictures backwards, it looks like the bear is growing :)

Also, your son is adorable.