Thursday, April 23, 2009


Jonathan is all boy. He loves everything dirty and gross. As his mommy I love this about him but also dread this same trait. See, as much as he is all boy I'm all girl. I don't really enjoy getting dirty. Things that are gross are just too much for me. I'm squeamish. For heaven's sake I load the dishwasher wearing rubber gloves.

When we got our last bit of snow I was sure that he would be excited to get out and play in the snow. After all he's the kid that wants to move to Alaska because he wants more snow to play in, his words not mine. (Although if you've been around here for a while you know how I feel about moving to Alaska so this doesn't bother me a bit) Anyway when I told him about the snow he cried. When I asked him why he was so upset he said that he wanted the snow to go away because he really wanted to go out an look for worms and we can't look for worms if there is snow because Daddy said so. Very true. I convinced him that he could have fun in the snow and look for worms later when it was warmer.

Well 3-year-olds never forget anything and on the 1st warm day we had he asked if we could go look for worms. Um yeah sure ask Daddy. So Daddy grabbed the camera and a shovel and they went looking for worms. It didn't take them too long before they had found several worms in our yard. I'm told that lots of worms means that when we finally put grass in it will grow well. I'm ok with that just leave the worms in the dirt, thank you very much.

But here is my boy. No fear. Just hanging out in the yard holding worms. All boy, that definitely didn't come from me!
He was so excited. Now he can't wait to get out there again and find more worms to hold. Fine with me, as long as Dad is here!


Kristen said...

I share your all girl, squeamish feelings. But I adore this cute story. And I think it's great that Dan grabbed the camera to capture the moment.

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

This is too cute!

Worms are good Mom's the one that taught me and my girls how to catch the night crawlers for fishing. (We don't really have that all-girl bug in my family...kinda sad)

Kristin said...

I used to be grossed out by dirty dishes and raw meat and would NOT touch them. Until I took Anatomy and now it's nothing. I used to tell Andrew that if he ever passed away I'd have to become a vegetarian and invest in paper plates.