Thursday, April 2, 2009


Jonathan hates showers. I don't know why but he hates showers. He will quite literally fall to pieces at the mention of a shower and beg, plead, and bargain for a bath. Now I don't mind giving him baths but they do become rather time consuming and sometimes, especially on school nights, the quickness of a shower becomes a necessity.

Jonathan used to love showers. He would splash and play and duck in and out of the water. Then we moved to this house and all that changed. My only guess is that we have more water pressure here which means the water isn't quite as gentle as it was at the other house. Or maybe we didn't introduce the shower to him soon enough. Who knows!

One of his regular complaints about the shower is the water getting in his eyes. Kid you not he will put his whole head under water in the pool or go face first into the freezing cold Pacific Ocean but is terrified of the water in the shower. So to combat this little problem we got him
Doesn't he look so grown up wearing goggles. Seriously I can't believe how much they change his appearance. We've only used the goggles twice, and the second time they were a little too big (different pair, they came in a 3 pack) so they fell off but so far so good. He doesn't mind putting his head in the water and will wash his hair and rinse willingly. That, my friends, is a vast improvement.
Look at that cheesy smile and that wild hair. Eventually we'll have to give up the goggles, although if he wants to wear goggles when he showers in college I suppose that's his choice, but they work for now.


Kristen said...

What a creative solution.

Erin J said...


My kids hate showers too. I always figured they would start taking them when they were taller! Little Mister, especially, was terrified of the shower the other day when I tried it out on him.

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

good thinking! When Aarynn was about this age, she freaked out about showers and baths, unless she could wear her swimsuit. So, for about 2 months, she bathed in her swimsuit. We had to be creative to get everything washed!

Juh said...


I do really liked your blog!


EH said...

too cute.