Monday, December 15, 2008

Jason's 1st snow

Call me crazy but I love the snow. There is something magical and wonderful about the snow. I wait in eager anticipation for the first snow to fall and there is a twinge of sadness when all the snow melts. Growing up in Alaska there was always snow on the ground by Halloween and usually the snow fell by October 1st. The snow stayed around until at least mid April and I can remember several mid May snow flurries. Snow was a huge part of my life growing up. I loved to build forts, go skiing, and of course sledding. I absolutely can not wait to go to Alaska for Christmas and spend 10 days in a winter wonderland. I would love to move back to Alaska and if the right opportunity came around I think Dan would be willing.

Early Saturday morning the Palouse was blanketed with several inches of white beauty. I didn't even have to get out of bed to know it had snowed. The light coming through our bedroom window was brighter and I knew that meant snow. Right after breakfast we bundled up and headed out to shovel the driveway. Jonathan took his shovel and pail from the beach and happily set about digging in the snow. Jason was all bundled up in his Elmo snowsuit and boots that are two or three sizes too big. I was excited to see his reaction to the snow. He seemed to like it but he didn't last too long outside as it was almost naptime.

I love Jason's expressions.

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Bobbi said...

I feel the same way about the snow! I love it! And if there is not snow on Christmas I will cry! Usually there always is though so I think I am safe. I love Jasons face in the last picture! Haha. Have fun playing in the snow with your boys! My brothers and Jon are playing snow football right now. :) Oh how I love the snow.