Friday, February 27, 2009

The Story of a Window

It looks like an ordinary drivers side window and on most days it is but today it has a story to tell. You see yesterday this window looked a little more like this...

Quite a difference. We've had a lot of rain and snow here in the PNW this week. With rain and snow comes a lot of road spray while driving. To top that off yesterday on my way to campus I ended up behind a truck hauling dirt. Of course with the road wind some of the dirt was falling off the truck and being blown around, mostly onto the car right behind. (that was me) All the muck on my window was actually making turning left a little difficult, actually it was making it dangerous. On my way home last night, around 6:30pm, I stopped to clean it off at a gas station but since it was below freezing they didn't have window cleaner out. Defeated I headed home and figured that I would just swing by on my way to campus today. When I got home I had forgotten all about my window and didn't say anything to Dan.

Well as luck would have it my darling 3-year-old decided this morning was the perfect day to throw a fit about everything. Friday is my earliest morning for class and I need to leave the same time Dan and the boys do. This means that I have to be able to get dressed and eat while dressing and feeding the boys. Most mornings I have an hour after the boys leave to get myself ready. As Dan left the house, late for work, I knew that I was going to be even later and I knew that a stop to clean my windows wasn't a possibility.

I didn't noticie it at first but when I looked out my drivers side window while turning out of my neighaborhood I realized that I could see. I called Dan and asked if he had cleaned my window. He said that he was scraping my windows, we had a little frost last night, because he knew I was running even later than he was. While scraping my windows the dirt had started smearing so he grabbed a chunk of snow and rubbed it on the window and then used the ice scraper to clean it off. I was so blessed I almost cried!

Thanks for cleaning my windows. I love you!

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Kristin said...

our husbands are the bees knees :)