Friday, February 20, 2009

Valentine's Day

At the request of my "professional blog stalker" (don't worry its not a weird as it sounds, I know them personally and they were sitting one computer away from me when they commented) I will post about what Dan and I did on Valentine's Day.

For some reason (deep fried brain, kid consumed brain, rushing out cause we were running late) we failed to get pictures of us all dressed up for dinner. It actually makes me really sad because we NEVER get pictures of us together. Anyway, at the suggestion of a friend we headed out to the Breakfast Club for dinner. I don't know if they are usually open for dinner or if it was just a Valentine's Special. The food was delish, we had steaks with garlic mashed potatoes, and for desert Dan had huckleberry creme brulee and I had a smores cake. It was so yummy.

Being out without the kids is wonderful. It's nice not to have to maintain order, remind someone to use their inside voice, or pick food up off the floor. But since Dan and I rarely (we're talking about twice a year) get out with out the kids, there were a few moments where we just stared at each other wondering what to say. I half jokingly said that restaurants should put out conversation starters for couples.

During dinner we did find out that our PCS boys lost the championship game and ended up getting second in league. Oh well, they played their hearts out and played with a character that honored God and ultimately that's what really matters.

After dinner we took a drive and then we went home and just spent time together. It was really nice!


Kristen said...

That does sound really nice!

Amanda aka P.B.S said...

Thank you :)