Sunday, February 8, 2009

Five and a half years

Five and a half years ago I walked arm in arm with my dad down that aisle toward my best friend. I can close my eyes and still see you grinning ear to ear as my dad placed my hand in yours. The memories from that day are forever in my minds eye. I remember tripping up the stairs to the platform and not being able to get my candle out to light our unity candle. I remember Adam telling us exactly how long our 1st kiss was (12 seconds) and practically running up the aisle with you at the end of the ceremony.

We've had our ups and downs but I can't imagine anyone better to weather the storms of life with than you. You know how to make me smile just when I need it the most and how to calm me down when I think the world is ending. We have two wonderful boys who bring joy to each and every day. I'm so blessed to have you.

I love you, Dan!



Dan said...

I love you lots and lots and can't imagine life having gone any other way. You are the best, and I'm so glad to be married to my best friend. Happy 5.5, Angel!

Kristen said...

Happy 5 1/2. It sounds like it has been just beautiful!

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Such a beautiful tribute to you, your hubby, and your marriage!

Lisa said...

I love that you are counting the 1/2 years! must be true love :)

myangel52 said...

I remember this day, too! You both looked (and I am sure that you were) so happy, that it just radiated off of you. It filled the room, I kid you not. I knew that you guys were going to do well together, and I was so happy for you, even though I didn't know you that well yet, mostly just Dan. I am still really happy for the two of you!