Monday, February 9, 2009


And for my 100th post we will talk about ears... I feel like I should so something for this momentous occasion but I've got nothing...

Well it seems my sweet little Jason has been "blessed" with his daddy's ears. Growing up Dan had chronic ear infections. He has had tubes twice and has some hearing loss from all his ear problems. I took Jason into the Dr today for a follow up about his ears. I'll spare y'all retelling the whole story, if you need a refresher go here. The infection has cleared up but there is still fluid in his ears. To prevent any possible hearing loss we will be going back to the dr every three weeks until the fluid is gone. Dr. Mike is hoping that the fluid will clear up when the weather gets better. He said if the fluid is still there when Jason turns 15 months (9 months from when it showed up in October) then we will discuss tubes. So Jason you have until July to get this problem cleared up!

In other news he has also apparently been "blessed" with my allergy to penicillin. This I do have to share the back story for or nothing will make sense.

While I was pregnant with Jason I managed to get pneumonia. The Dr gave me Augmentin which I promptly had an allergic reaction too while Dan was out of town. Oh the timing on that one! Anyway about a week after starting his Amoxicillen Jason broke out in a big time rash. I was in class so bless his heart Dan had to tackle this problem by himself. He did great taking both kids to the Dr and still feeding everyone dinner by the time I got home. Anyway Jason has been labled as allergic to penicillin, which greatly reduces the drugs that we can use to try and clear all this fluid up. So friends please pray that it clears up and tubes are not necessary.

Oh heavens I love this kid. Seriously I could just eat him up, but y'all know that already!


Kristin said...

I have an allergy to Penecillian. They gave it to Abby for 1 ear infection but when it came back 2 weeks later they gave her Omnicef and that cleared it up. I don't know if those are related or not. Doctors have a field day with me an antibiotics because of the allergy and because many interact with my blood thinners :0

Erin J said...

He sure is a cutie. I hope things clear up soon so he doesn't have to have tubes. :)