Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin'

Today, at the suggestion of a friend, we loaded up and headed to Greenbluff. Our goal for the day was apples for Dan and Jonathan and a pumpkin for carving. I don't really like Halloween but last year we carved a pumpkin just so Jonathan could play with the pumpkin guts. He had so much fun that he asked to do it again this year so I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to check out Greenbluff. And that's just what we did.

Our first stop was the Harvest House. We took the boys on a hay ride and then ate some lunch. Overall I thought this place was just a little too commercial. Everything cost money, and a lot of it at that. There was a hay maze but Jonathan wasn't tall enought to go alone so we would have had to pay for him and a parent. Lame. They had pumpkins that they had cut from the vine and you could pick out which one you wanted. It was ok but what I really wanted to do was go get a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. We decided to head down the road a little and see what else there was. If we didn't find anything then we could always come back.

A little further down the road we found Knapp's Farm. I knew as we pulled up we had found a winner. The first thing we saw as we pulled in was the pumpkin patch.
I got super excited. This was the experience I was wanting to have. I wanted to go out in the field and pick out my own pumpkin.

Before heading out to the pumpkin patch we decided to see what else there was. We found a hay maze and a corn maze that were free, donation suggested. We decided against the corn maze but jumped right into the hay maze. The sides of the maze were low enough that Jonathan could venture out on his own but always be able to find us. We had a ball. And then we found the pumpkin chucker. Oh my gosh this was cool. It's pretty much a potato cannon but for pumpkins. We watched them shoot it off and it was amazing. If you are in the area I recommend checking it out!
After the pumpkin cannon we grabbed a wheelbarrow and headed out to find out pumpkin. It was fun. It took a while but we finally found one. We are carving it tomorrow and I'll post pictures then.

After a long and stressful few weeks of school it was nice to get out and enjoy time as a family!
Me and Jonathan on the Hay ride.

Dan and Jason on the Hay ride.

Jonathan in the maze.

The boys in the wheelbarrow.

Our find!

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