Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It seems to be the theme in my life right now. School is wearing me out. I have huge projects due in almost every class, most every day of the week. No kidding. I do homework from the time I get out of class until the boys come home and then I pick it up again at 8 when the boys go to bed and I'm usually up until at least 11 sometimes later. My only class today was canceled and instead of resting I have spent the entire day parked at the computer doing homework. I feel like I'm about to reach my end. I want a break! Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm doing and I'm very excited to be a teacher and I know being a teacher is hard work too but at least teachers get sick days. I've been sick for two weeks now but all my classes have a miss once and drop a letter grade policy unless you are on your death bed. I've heard the classes next semester aren't quite as stressful.

I also know that teaching in my own classroom will be a lot different than doing work for my professors. Teachers have to lesson plan but I know for a fact they don't have to write a 5 page, in depth lesson plan for everything they teach. I know this is over preparing me so I will be really ready when I have my own classroom but it really does get tiring.

I'm even working through Thanksgiving break. Monday and Tuesday I'll be in Spokane at a friends house studying for one of our big certification tests and the rest of the week I'll be at my in-laws. Unfortunately for me a trip to my in-laws won't be any sort of relaxing vacation. They have more cats than I can count and I'm allergic to them. So I'll spend the rest of my break with a sinus headache and stuffy nose.

Gosh I'm really grumpy tonight. Sorry!

I'm really enjoying my practicum. I'm in a 6th grade class at a local elementary school. The kids are fantastic and my cooperating teacher and I have a very similar background and really hit it off well. She has actually put in a request for me to student teach with her in the fall which I am really excited about. I love the atmosphere of the school. Dan student taught a semester in GT at the same school and the principal remembered him when she met me. It was really nice to have a connection and I think it might help me get my student teaching placement.


Kacey Bode said...

Okay, just now figured out that you have a blogger account, wow better late than never right : )

So, I will be checking this out often! Did Greenbluffs have any trees with colored leaves left??

The Smith's said...

breathe. it will be fine. you are not a normal student. you have a husband, and two small children. you cannot compare your situation with anyone elses. but let me promise you that because you have all these added challenges (for lack of a better word) this experience will help you in more ways than you know. trust me. i am seeing that now.

with that being said, just take it one day at a time and make sure you add some you time in there!! serious. you NEED you time. i don't care if it is one hour a week. put the school books away, tell dan to cover for you and go to a coffee shop and read a fun book or sit somewhere and listen to your favorite artist. what ever works for you. i walk.
last spring was the worst semester for me. but i made it. now with only 7 weeks of classes left i look back on it and am filled with relief. it does get esaier. it is all worth it!!

let me know if i can help.