Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ann needs...

I grabbed this from Pam over at Rhett's Journey and since my class tomorrow is canceled and I have no homework to do I need something to occupy my time while Dan grades papers.

Ann needs...

1) repair. (I'm actually feeling pretty good right now)

2) numbers. (ummm I think I have all the numbers I need right now but perhaps I do need more)

3) a ride to the Baltimore Airport. (Well that would be pretty cool but how the heck did I end up in Baltimore???)

4) to retire. (But I don't have a career to retire from yet! and I'm far too young!)

5) to be convinced. (What is this that I need to be convinced of?)

6) help. (With what? I'm pretty much caught up in school but I could use help cleaning house.)

7) a home in Wisconsin. (Do they know something I don't? I'm not planning on moving to Wisconsin anytime soon so I'm not sure why I need a house there)

8) a milkshake. (ohhhhh that sounds good!)

9) to apologize. (ok ok I'm sorry but what did I do?)

10) a new mom. (No I don't I have a fantastic mom!)

11) a new radiator for her Ford. (I don't even own a Ford so this would do me no good)

12) a robot. (Does it clean house if so he's hired!)

That was fun.

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