Sunday, July 17, 2011

Repost - Moving to Alaska: Day 2

One year ago today

Spokane, Washington to Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Miles traveled: 188
Total miles traveled: 310

The hotel that we finally found only had king rooms available. So Jason slept on one side of the bed on the floor and Jonathan slept under the desk. It was the perfect little cave for him to sleep in. He felt so special.
Sometime around 7am Jonathan woke up to go to the bathroom. We had forgotten to do the chain lock on our door and he was tired and dazed and ended up going out the room door into the hall. I woke up shortly there after and noticed he wasn't in his cave. Then I heard someone pounding on a door. It took me a second but I finally put the two pieces together and realized that he was out in the hall. He knew my mom was next door so he knocked on her door. Scary moment to think about what all could have happened.Before heading off to Canada we stopped in Coeur D' Alene to have lunch with my BFF Meghan. We had a wonderful lunch at Red Robin. Then we said our good byes and headed to Canada.

Prior to this trip I had never been out of the United States. When I was a kid we always flew out when we traveled in the summer and my car was shipped to us and the other car had never been to Alaska. I was pretty excited to take my first trip out of the United States even if it was just to Canada.

Of course as we approached the border the battery in my camera went completely dead. Fortunately my mom is a picture crazy as I am and took the picture of the international border that I would have taken anyway.
Remember this post about taking a family picture at Christmas?
Once again we took probably 10 outtakes and still didn't really get a decent picture of our family in front of the Welcome to British Columbia sign. That was pretty much the case anytime on this trip that we tried to take a family picture. Perhaps later I'll post all the outtakes. Some of them are pretty funny! But anyway here we are, for better or for worse cause we certainly aren't going back for a better picture now, in front of the Welcome to British Columbia sign.

And believe me there is a reason they refer to the province as Beautiful British Columbia. The whole place was just beautiful. The green lakes, the trees, the Canadian Rockies, all of it was just amazing.

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April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Such an adventure! That is so special that you and Megan were able to spend a little time together!