Thursday, July 21, 2011

Moving To Alaska: Day 6

Location Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The West Edmonton Mall has a huge amusement park. They have several roller coasters, some thrill rides, kids rides, and a train that goes through the whole park. Since we were spending several days at the mall we decided to spend part of one day at the amusement park having fun with the boys. Jason wasn't able to do a lot of the rides because he was too small but he had fun one the ones he did get to go on. The ride operator of the hot air balloon ride even let all 4 of us on for the price of 1. It was pretty cool. I'm sure if they had been super busy that wouldn't have happened.

Jason and Dan on the hot air balloon ride. Getting Jason to look at the camera is challenging!

Jonathan and me on the hot air balloons.

Jonathan on the airplane ride.

Jason ridding the purple zebra... or something!

All of us on the train ride.

The mall also has a huge pirate ship and a sea lion show. Of course to get into the arena to watch the sea lion show costs an arm and a leg but you can watch for free from the mall concourse above the arena. The boys were thrilled to get to watch the show, even they didn't have front row seats.

The pirate ship.

The sea lions doing one of their tricks.

We also ran into Cosmo, the mall mascot. Jason wanted NO part of him!

After dinner we drove into downtown Edmonton and did some adventuring and looking around. The downtown area of Edmonton was really nice and I wish that we had more time to take some tours of downtown. Perhaps we will have to revisit Edmonton!

Downtown skyline at night.

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