Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moving To Alaska: Day 4

Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Miles traveled: 187
Total miles traveled: 750

We stopped in Calgary for two reasons. First it was a convenient on our way to Edmonton and second I wanted to see the Saddle Dome. My very first memories of the Olympics are of the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. As a young figure skater I vividly remember watching Debi Thomas and Katrina Witt skating for Gold. I also remember the aerial shots of Calgary and thinking how cool the Saddle Dome looked. So since I was close I just had to see the Saddle Dome.

We started off our day with a trip to Tim Hortons for breakfast. While we were there Jonathan looked up and said "Look mom there are two police officers in this doughnut shop!" He he had no idea how ironic his statement was he was just in awe of the police officers!

After breakfast we headed off to the Canada Olympic Park. This was the sight for many of the events during the 1988 Olympics including luge, bobsled, and ski jumping. We got to sit in a bobsled, take a look at the luge and bobsled track, and see the ski jumping towers. Those things are tall! I can't imagine standing at the top and actually going down on skis! The boys also got the opportunity to stand on and official medal podium and to their best victory face. It was a pretty neat experience.

Hanging out in a bobsled and once again finding it impossible to get a decent family picture! :)

One of the curves in the luge/bobsled track.

The tallest of the ski jump towers.

The view of Calgary from the base of the ski jump towers.

Jason wins the gold!

Jonathan takes the gold!

Then we headed off to the Saddle Dome. The Calgary Stampede had just ended so traffic heading into downtown Calgary was a little crazy. We wound our way around, got lost a few times but finally found the Saddle Dome and I got my picture. Oh the things we will do for a picture!

The Saddle Dome! Bet ya can't guess why its named the Saddle Dome ;)

The drive between Calgary and Edmonton reminded me of driving in Idaho and Washington. Lots of farm land with wheat and canola. The views were beautiful. We drove through Red Deer and Medicine Hat before arriving in Edmonton. Edmonton was where we were going to take a little vacation before making our final long haul push to Fairbanks. Turns out that was a great decision! (to be continued)

Somewhere between Calgary and Edmonton.

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