Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Tree Photo

Every year that I have been in Fairbanks for Christmas or any part of Christmas (and I've only missed 2 in the last 28 years) we have always taken a picture in front of the Christmas tree. When I was growing up it was usually just me, or me and the dog, with the rare picture of the whole family. Then it was Dan and me and now its our family. So keeping with tradition we attempted to take a Christmas tree picture of our family. Jason could you please sit down for just a second so we can get a family picture? Please?
No? Ok. Dan what are you doing? For that matter what am I doing? At least Jonathan is cute!
Well three of us look decent but Jason is clearly not into this picture idea!
Oh dear! We've lost Jason! And Jonathan, honey, what is up with your hand placement?
Well that's as good as its getting this year folks!


Kristen said...


That's the best!

Erin J said...

I love outtakes! It's like watching the blooper reel on a movie! Too cute.