Saturday, July 16, 2011

Repost - Moving to Alaska: Day 1

So I didn't keep it going while we were actually traveling and I fell short of actually blogging over the last year so here it is ONE YEAR later, Brough Family Life Moves to Alaska!

I will keep this up this time. (I'm telling myself that as much as y'all)

Pullman, WA to Spokane, WA via Moscow, ID and Coeur D'Alene, ID
Miles traveled: 122

Day 1 was a day of endings and beginnings. It was the end of our time on the Palouse. It was the end of 10 years of our lives that included meeting, falling in love, marrying, graduating college, having kids, getting jobs, buying a house and going back to school. Leaving was hard, I cried... A LOT! But thanks to a couple of really fabulous teenage boys, who mean the world to us, and their families our last day in Pullman was more than we could have imagined.

A lot happened that day and truth be told I don't really remember it all now, it was a blur. Here's what I do remember
  • Took boys to daycare. Ran into a friend who volunteered her son to come help. Said son is a fab kid and the help was welcomed. Friend also had need for mattress and box spring that we needed to get rid of.
  • Ran around like CRAZY people! Dan was cleaning the house and finishing projects. Mom and I were dropping stuff off at the thrift store and organizing our stuff to load the cars later that day.
  • Sometime in there our tenant showed up and took a tour. I saw him briefly.
  • I had a job interview.
  • Other fab teenage boy shows up and we load up the cars and empty our house.
At this point we were ready to go but we still had the mattresses, box spring and two teenage boys that weren't ours. Though we would have loved to bring them our cars were full, that and I'm sure their parents would miss them. So we waited. And while we waited the boys played stick ball in the street. And had a BLAST!

Then the parents came and the boys left and we left but the day was PERFECT! And I love those boys like they are my own.

Then we took a trip to Moscow to take a picture in the big red rocker. It's something that just has to be done! And then after dinner at Wendy's we headed to Coeur D'Alene where we planned to spend the night. But our plans were thwarted by poor planning. We planned on just driving into Coeur D'Alene and finding a hotel room. What we found was that there were so many events happening that we couldn't find a hotel room in Coeur D'Alene, or Post Falls, or Liberty Lake, or Spokane Valley. We ended up staying all the way in the University District of Spokane. All in all about 40 miles out of our way but at least we had a pillow under our heads and day 1 behind us.

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