Monday, August 2, 2010


"When I moved to Moscow 10 years ago all I came with was a suitcase full of clothes and a duffel bag of bedding, so where on earth did all this stuff in my house come from?"

That thought crossed my mind on a daily basis as we packed up our home to move to Alaska. But 10 years, a husband, two kids, and a house later the stuff I had to bring back to Alaska had multiplied exponentially.

It's a strange thing packing up everything for this type of move. Dan and I have moved 5 times in our almost 7 years of marriage. All of our other moves have been within a 15 mile radius, the longest being our move from Moscow to Pullman. This move was not only more than 15 miles but also crosses international borders. It's different moving a long distance. The things that we usually just tossed in the back of the car had be boxed. Everything had to be boxed. I'm so sick of packing boxes!

Our original plan involved us renting a U-Haul truck, driving one car and towing the other. My dad nixed that idea and so we hired a moving company. We packed all our own boxes except for the fragile stuff, which they packed, and then they loaded everything into their truck, created it and shipped it. I have to say I'm pretty relieved that we ended up hiring someone else to move the stuff. The trip through Canada was interesting enough without adding a U-Haul to the mix.

So on July 13 the movers came and moved all of our stuff out of our house. I can't begin to describe the feeling seeing all our stuff taken away. The house was so empty!

And so the truck drove away with all our things and we were left with only the memories of three wonderful years in our home.


Kristen said...

My memory was being tripped as I read through this. Mike and I moved a lot too...exactly the same for us...7 times within 5 years. Although for us the moves were never terribly short. Always more than a 150 miles between each destination. And I can relate to the gloomy feeling of watching nearly every item you own being driven away. On our 6th move (You might remember me blogging about living in the Taj), all of our stuff was packed up and a moving company took it away to storage. For two months I did not see our things. Oh and the beauty I felt when it was all brought out again moving into our house. I felt so at home for the first time in a while! Anyways, I'll stop rambling now and just say I hope you feel so at home too!

Ann said...

Oh yes I remember the Taj! I think was is really difficult is that we are staying with my parents and don't need any of our stuff so we probably won't see much, besides our clothes, until next year when the sale of our house is final and we can move on. We will be setting up the boys bunk beds when the stuff gets here so that will help.