Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well most of my grades are up and I did well. I got a lower grade in my field experience than I was wanting. Our profs didn't like the unit we taught to our 4th grade students so we got a lower grade. Basically was all based on opinion so that sucks. All mine and my partners hard work and it come down to opinion not an actual rubric. GRRRR But its only a 1 credit class so it didn't drag my GPA down too much. (ok so my GPA for this semester was a 3.95, I can still be frustrated about a B... Right?) Now officially on to summer!


Kristen said...

Haha. You're like me, I'd stew over a B too even with an overall GPA like that. You should be proud though! That is a lot of work to earn that high of a GPA! Great job!

I agree, it seems unethical that the grade comes down to an opinion.

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

My 466 was finally posted ... I checked about 5 min or so ago. It is frustrating to work so hard, and have a grade determined by opinion :( I just don't know what to think about the lit block next semester!

Have a great summer!

wholarmor said...

Sorry that you worked so hard only to have the drop because of an opinion. That's still a really good GPA, though! Congratulations!

Bobbi said...

Oh man... if I would have read this when I was irritated about my grades this post would be much longer haha. I was so pissed! I had a C!!!!! All because of my partners, our teacher even commented on how she would have liked the other two to participate more like me! So I had a fit and e-mailed every teacher and they decided to grade me seperatly but I still got a B... so so so irritating! At least every other grade was an A!!!