Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dinner at on the picnic table

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm (almost too warm), spring day. It was nice enough that we decided to eat dinner on our deck. Jonathan already had his dinner and was perched happily at his picnic table. Jason was roaming the deck and Dan and I were inside finishing up the rest of dinner. While finishing up dinner Jonathan and I had this conversation...

JD: Mom, Jason is sitting at my table.

Me: Well honey that's ok. He's old enough now he can sit there with you.

JD: Oh, ok.

(silence for a few seconds)

JD: Mom, Jason is trying to take my plate and sandwich away.

Me: Move it out of his reach. His dinner is coming soon.

(silence for a few seconds)

JD: Ok mom, I moved my plate but Jason got mad and climbed up and now he sitting ON the table.
Oh dear. I think we're going to have a busy summer...


April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

I love that picture! What a climber! And Jonathan is such a great big bro!

Kristen said...

Haha. And the sibling rivalries begin!! :-)