Monday, December 15, 2008

Offensive Words

Renee's Monday Moment for Down Syndrome today was about the r word. She has posted on the topic before. Admittedly I used to use the r word all the time without even thinking about what I was really saying. After reading what Renee and others had to say I have since amended my vocabulary. So check out what she has to say, she is an awesome mom and advocate for her children.


Kristen ~Ethan's Mommy~ said...

Thank you for posting!!!

Kristin said...

It is amazing how educating ourselves changes our perspectives. Before Abby was born when I heard about cleft lip/palate I always assumed "fetal alcohol syndrome." I also didn't know there was a different between lip and palate when the speech therapist in the hospital said "she's got cleft palate", I said "no she doesn't her face is just fine."

I have since learned that the term "hare lip" is offensive.