Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Performance

Ok I should have blogged this last week but my hard drive is freaking out and my camera wouldn't upload to my computer. Don't worry Renee I've backed everything up. I downloaded an update and it seems to be working ok but I'm still taking it in to the Apple dealer in Fairbanks when we get there. Anyway back to my point...

Last Wednesday was the annual Christmas presentation for Pullman Christian School (where Dan works) and Pullman Christian Childcare Center (Jonathan and Jason's Preschool). Dan wasn't really involved, except singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" at the end of the show. Mostly he just maintained the Jr. High Students and confiscated cell phones from students who were texting during the program.

The daycare put on a really cute show. This kids sang "Happy Christmas" and "Little Drummer Boy" and it was as cute as you can imagine. Jason just sat there on stage but Jonathan was really into the show. If we get a video after the 1st of the I'll be sure to post it for y'all.

Look at him. He is all boy with his shirttail hanging out and his undershirt showing. After the show he informed me that I forgot to put his belt on so his pants kept falling down. He couldn't have told me that while we were still at home so I could do something about it.

Playing "The Little Drummer Boy." The teachers saved formula cans and they kids used them as drums, so creative. How cute is he! Jonathan had so much fun!

During their performance I was sitting down on the floor right in front of the stage so I could get good pictures. Jonathan saw me and gave me the sign for "I Love You." That kid can be a real pain but I totally love him!

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Good! LOL I hope your computer doesn't crash though!