Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Cookies

For as long as I can remember every Christmas my mom and I have baked. We always make Buckeye Candy, or as we call them peanut-butter balls, Bourbon Balls, peanut-butter roll, and sugar cookies. Even though Jonathan is allergic to peanut-butter we still make Buckeye's we just don't share. This year we filled some of the roll for peanut-butter rolls with sunbutter for Jonathan. He loved it!

Of course we also made sugar cookies. My mom always let me help in the kitchen, no matter how messy it got, and so we have made sure to always include Jonathan in our baking exploits. This year Jason was old enough to be interested in baking too. Jason was mostly interested in watching how things are done in the kitchen but it won't be long before Jonathan will have to start sharing the baking responsibilities with his brother. It's fun to watch my kids making things that I remember making when I was grown up.

Jason is attempting to help Jonathan sift flour. What ended up happening was flour went over the side of the sifter and all over the counter and Jason exclaimed, "OH NO!" in his very Jason way. It was cute!
Carefully scooping the flour into the mixer. There were several occasions where too much flour went in and when the mixer was turned on POOF. Oh well.

And on to decorating the cookies. Jonathan had some trouble controlling the amount of red sugar sprinkles he put on.

Jason, however, had no trouble controlling the green ones. We thought Jason just had really good skills. Then we gave Jason the red sugar sprinkles...

As it turns out it had more to do with the larger crystal size of the green sugar sprinkles than it did with decorating skill. Who knew red sugar sprinkles were so much smaller?
The boys and their masterpieces. I just love the cheesy smiles.

The aprons they are wearing were made for me by my grandmother when I was a little girl.


wholarmor said...

Very cool! Love the matching smiles! I need to get the kids more involved when I bake. You are making some awesome memories for them!

Kristen said...

That is such a pretty kitchen!! I would adore cooking in there!