Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Day

We have never been the family that spends Christmas Day in our pajamas. My mom is not the person who enjoys spending hours in her pajamas. She's more the get up and get dressed type. As a result we have always gotten dressed on Christmas Day before getting into presents. And so our Christmas Day starts with showers, blow dryers, hair gel, make-up, and dress shoes. Then once we are all ready we head up to the living room to begin the days festivities.
Brough Family Christmas Day 2009
At the top of the stairs before the boys saw their stockings and Santa presents.
Then we open our stockings and see what Santa has brought. This year he brought the boys their own Camelbak waterbottles, some cute finger puppets, moose and bear napkins, and a variety of other small fun items. Santa even brought Jonathan his desired army men. He was thrilled!Then we move on to the presents that Santa has left unwrapped under the tree. Jason got his very own learning laptop from Santa, while Jonathan's big gift was TinkerToys. Dan and Jonathan built some pretty cool stuff with the TinkerToys but that's another post for another day.

Then we moved on to opening gifts that were under the tree. Jason wasn't quite sure what to do with all the present opening. He tore at the paper but was more interested in playing with what was already open and sitting in laps.

He did pull some ribbon to help me out.
Jason's favorite toy under the tree were the big pop beads. He had lots of fun playing with them while the rest of us opened presents.

Jonathan got a pretty cool tool kit for Christmas. He has spent his days since Christmas tinkering around the house. He'll be helping Dan make repairs before we know it!
Then we got a little silly. Jonathan decided to wear his new pants as a super cool new hat. He wore the pants to church this past Sunday but as pants not as a hat!
And then we got a little sleepy. Opening presents and spending the morning really excited is tiring.

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