Monday, January 25, 2010

Humanitarian Bowl

It has been a long time since University of Idaho football fans have had much to cheer about. Since 1998, the last time we appeared in and won the Humanitarian Bowl, there have been a lot of forgettable years. There were the Tom Cable years, the Nick Holt years, and the Dennis Erickson year, which left Vandal fans very very bitter.

Then Coach Robb Akey came along. The first couple of years were rough but there were glimmers of hope. And we had a coach who was excited about Idaho Vandal Football and committed to the team. And then the 2009 season began and we were winning games. Excitement for Vandal football was contagious. We got games on ESPNU and even highlights on Sports Center. And we were one of the first teams to be bowl eligible. It was exciting to be a Vandal fan again. Even during the darkest days I still cheered loud and clear for my Vandals!

Since Boise State was going to a BCS bowl game Idaho was invited to the Humanitarian Bowl. Let me tell you, if we had not been in Alaska we would have been in Boise for that game! Instead we watched with baited breath. Our hearts stopped when they went down 42-35 with 35 seconds left. And then we got a touchdown. Then we went for two. AND THE VANDALS WON! It was AMAZING!

This weekend there was a parade to honor the Vandals for their win. After the parade there was a celebration at the Kibbie Dome where fans could get the teams autographs as well as have their picture taken with the trophy. We were stoked! And so we bundled up on a very cold Saturday morning and headed out to the parade that Vandal fans have waited years for!

There was snow on the ground and believe me standing around waiting for the parade to start it was cold! Underneath all our gear we are wearing our Humanitarian Bowl Champions shirts. And I am darn proud to get to wear that shirt!

Part of the team, including Coach Akey, with the trophy. It was totally awesome to see the trophy rolling down Main St. in Moscow!Up at the dome with Joe Vandal! Jason was terrified of him. We tried to get a picture with our family, Joe and the trophy but Jason would have no part of it!

We bought a poster and stood in line to get our autographs. And the very last autograph we got was Coach Akey. We shook his hand, my hand was shaking at the thought of shaking his, and we got a picture of Jonathan with Coach Akey. Jason gave him a high five but would get no closer.
That's my son sitting on Coach Akey's knee! WOW!
Me and my best girl Meghan with the trophy. She came down from Coeur d'Alene for the weekend to go to the parade and hang out with me. I LOVE HER.

And there is our family with the Humanitarian Bowl trophy. Totally awesome!

Kristen, the whole time we were there I was thinking about how excited Mike would be to get his picture with the Rose Bowl Trophy for Ohio State!

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wholarmor said...

Very cool! It was a great celebration! If I knew you were there before I saw you at the end, I would have asked you to take pictures of the marching band at the parade. I didn't get very many pictures that morning.